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By: Rex Easley

when I said I wouldn’t marry her, she said


okay, then    i’m moving to kansas


we piled books on the floor and sorted


yours    mine   not sure    do you want this one?


no, I didn’t really like it, just said I did



in the driveway out front her father,


sullen and wary, arranged boxes in the back of


a u-haul, stopped long enough to glare at me


every time I came near the door


when we were done, she said, I’ll be alone in kansas


can I have your little television?


you can have it, I said,


for fifty dollars


without a word she went outside, came back


with her father’s money


I carried the television out to the


u-haul, put it in the back


later on, when I wanted her back, she said that the television


was another thing she didn’t like about me



Rex Easley is an English professor at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Have published fiction and poetry in various national and regional literary journals.