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Where You can Find this Photogenic Road


Imagine a place where you can stop your car in the middle of the road and stand for more than 15 minutes without seeing another car. That place is near Kenton, Oklahoma. And it’s where we captured the photo that we’ve chosen to grace our homepage for the time being.

Kenton is the farthest town west in the state of Oklahoma. It’s a lonely town – only about 20 people still live there. The trip to Kenton will take you down a lot of rocky roads just like this one. If you’re the adventurous type, it’s the perfect destination for hiking up and around beautiful mesas. You can learn more about it at

I chose this photo for the homepage for two reasons:

First: This will be the first issue of Waypoints, and that long road reminds me of the vastness of the potential that we have for any creative endeavor.

Second: This photo strikes at the core of the theme for Waypoints. Whether you’re on a country road in the middle of nowhere or you’re in gridlock on a city street, you’re constantly on a journey. And when you look back at the “trip” you’ve taken, it will always be marked by the waypoints you hit along the way. Whether those waypoints are places that defined you, or people that changed your course.

Maybe it will serve as some inspiration for the work that you submit.



Marty Leake says:

I have a photo like this from a motorcycle trip I took across the US from Virginia to Colorado. I was was in western Kansas at a four way intersection and I stop on the shoulder of the roadway, took several photos of the area and I witnessed not one cow, vehicle and or person for miles in either direction.
It was only the Rocky Mountains in the distance that gave and idea where in the US I was.
That was nearly twenty years ago and reading this message has inspired me to write about that time. I have retired and settled in Southwest Florida and since moving here, I never thought in all of my days of dreaming of retirement, I would have considered the opportunity before me to write.
I have come to a cross roads in my photo for which I have limitedness possibilities and the one focus is writing.
I will look for the photo and send it too you.

Take care
M Leake

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