An Online Literature and Art Journal

Waypoints: Issue No. 1


Unrecognizable by Mikaela Shea – Editor’s Choice

It Fell Through by Isaac James Baker

Nesting by Kathleen Thompson

Road Trip by Foust

Türkiye Vickie Cimprich

The Fast Train From Rome Jessica Pitchford

Whippoorwill by Rebecca D. Elswick


America Girl Doll, Kit, Rides the Ohio by Sherry Stanforth

The Canyons by Douglas Polk

Buck Private Danny, 1969 by Paul Scollan

The Transverse Ranges by Cynthia Anderson

Outpost by Roberta Schultz

Flagpole by Pia Taavila-Borsheim

Tokyo Homeless Ministry Meg Eden

American History: Roy by Sherry Chandler – Editor’s Choice

Montevideo by Michael Hogan

Driving With Father by Barbra Nightingale

Septembris by Alice Jennings


The Road Through The Forest by James Owens

Giant’s Causeway by Amanda Hoddy

Untitled From The “Penumbra Series” by Jessica Jacobs

Waiting II by Mia Funk

Shadows of Summer by Wayne Whitmore

All Who Shall Pass by Jack Savage

Lee Circle New Orleans by E.W. Beals

Transportation Haiti by Susana H. Case

The Arch by Amanda Barnes